We are celebrating our 7th anniversary on 11th Nov 2018. Our journey so far has been like a roller-coaster, the one with ups & downs frequently.

Like all businesses the ups & downs and the seasonal on & offs are part of the game. Nobody can accurately predict the dynamics into play. Last year when the GST was rolled out, most of the businesses had closed down their shutters. We were too on the brink of shutting down if not for the support offered by our customer base.

The relationship we create and maintain with our customers is the no: 1 reason we are steaming full speed ahead. The class & quality of customers we attract are the top 10 percent of the reseller community. Our customer recruitment & retention process ensures that only the genuine customers are served.

Not many wholesale distributors have a denial of service model like we do. If we come to know that a customer is fraudulent or into a business model that is un-conducive or inoperable – we deny our service. Eg: resellers who buy replica and advertise and sell as originals or resellers who sell at 10X or 15X the purchase price. The optimal profit a reseller can earn is 1.5 to 2X, anything higher it means they are fooling around with their customer’s money.

The customers we keep are the ones who follow the game, they are well aware that they are here for the long run. And we take it as a pride to service & support them on a continual basis.

The same applies to the manufacturer base also – the brands that sell on our site are worthy enough. We have terminated contracts with brands that sell cheap stuff for hefty price.

Overall the platform we have built is of mutual trust & friendship.


We are introducing 3 new services this year

  1. GST at 0% for all exports – International customers need not spend the extra 5% for taxes now. All exports we do from the next month are tax free.
  2. Quality Check as an add-on pack – You can now opt for extra quality check for each item you purchase. The extra charges may vary from Rs10 to Rs15 for every Rs500. For customers who do not wish to get into the hurdles of defect returns & courier – this is the best option
  3. The 3 second page load time – To save you time & effort we are upgrading our IT servers to enable each product page to load within the 3 seconds window. This means you can view upto 100 bundles in the 5 minutes every day.

See what our customers has to say about us

ayush kumar

I am very happy because so nice quality of Kurtis and fabrics so good.i love ethnicsmart. Com. Thank you so much



Quality Products...Very Happy with the service

Wishing All the very best on your 7th Anniversary....Keep Growing


Preetha Pg

Very nice customer support. Nice packaging and materials are really good


Holagondi Sindhuri

Awesome quality

Best service


Ram Patil

Designs are always awesome with good quality. This is a great combination  price is ok


Debashis Dutta

Enormous collections of Designer & Daily wear Readymade / Unstitched Kurtis.

Fabric qualities are good, after sales Support & Service is awsum & excellent cooperation from support team.

Dishaa Fashions



Nidhi Gupta

Very good experience.one of the best online business venture.


Ansari Tabassum

Super collection super fast delivery on dates

I am so happy I am satisfied


Syed Aleem

Good customer service, good quality of dress materials and safe payments system.


Gowri Manohari S

Superb customer support on WhatsApp and easy payment portals and you get what you exactly order with any hassle... Awesome listing of catalogue in website..it's a virtual shopping mall


Rajeev Sajitha

Excellent service. I am very happy about your whatsapp updates and support.materials are very good design and quality. Thanks for your customer services. I am very much satisfied....


Tarunkanti Sasmal

A good collection & reasonable price.

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Note: we will be reopening our office after diwali holidays tomorrrow i.e 12th november