Q> Will you give me 500 contacts to sell my products?

A>    Yes, we will give you 500 contacts, 100 at a time so that you can whatsapp or call them. These contacts are from our database of ecommerce shoppers in India who would have interest in your products.

Primarily you need to be an active seller, with minimum of 5 products to sell so that you can use our database. We will also set up sms portal for you - wherein you can do sms marketing.


Q> Should I have TIN No ?

A>    At present TIN number is not a mandatory requirement to register as a seller on our site. But TIN & VAT are state government requirements and depends on the respective tax slabs applicable in your region

we recommend you to check with any financial, tax consultant for more details.



Q> Should products be branded?

A>    The products can be branded, non branded, your own creation. But it has to be brand new item. Also it has to be ethnic wear for women made in india

Q>  Is there any charges of website ?

A>    There are no charges or monthly rentals for the first 6 months. However there might be monthly rentals of Rs99 to Rs999 depending on your sales volume after the 6th month.

We are working with our investors to try waiving off the monthly rental charges for the first 1 year


Q> How products rate will be decided ?

A>    The rate of the product has to be decided by you. You are free to price the product at the highest possible margin. In case there are other sellers offering the same product,  it might be useful to check for feedback from your customers.

We want you to sell off items you are listing, minimizing your dead stock and improving your profit margins.  You can revise your pricing strategy accordingly

Q> How will I List in your site?

A>    You will be given a secure seller listing panel using which you can login and then upload products.

Q> Is there any commission?

A>    There are no commission or monthly rentals at present

Q>  Assume if i get one order from deepex cotton you will send it ?

A>    These products are listed by you, so if you have deeptex catalog with you then upload the same and sell it

Q> If i couldnt able to sell 30 pieces per month then?

A>    There are no issues if you are not able to sell 30 pieces.  But why would you want to continue doing business if you are not getting sales ?

Q> how customer wll pay into my account ?

A>    Customer will be paying us using credit/debit card or neft. We will transfer the same to you when the product gets delivered at your customer's address.

Q> do we need high resolution Images to upload our products ?

A>    No. The images has to be clear and in detail so that customer can make a purchase decision seeing that.

Q> But listings are done by my side or you provide me admin panel for listings ?

A>    Seller panel will be provided to you. And you have to do the listings

Q> If customer will return the product then what u will do ?

A>    You are requested to talk to your customer and reduce the chance of disputes in the first place. If there are any quality issues, then we recommend you to accept the returns

Q> How u will know wheather customer got the products or not?

A>    we will use the automated tracking system. once you have shipped the item, it will travel in a AWB (Airway Bill) tracking id. By monitoring this tracking id, we can know that the item has been delivered or not.

we will also send an option for the customer to confirm the receipt of the item.

Q> What type of products can I sell?

A>    The product has to be ethnic wear for women, it can be sarees, suits, churidars, lehangas, kurtis.

Q>  What type of images can I use ?

A>     the product images can be taken in your camera, reused from internet. Open pic will be an advantage.


Q> Do I need to make the products in white background?

A>    the product listing need not have white background.


Q> Is it necessary to sell catalogue products ?

A>    no, you can sell non branded items as well

Q> Whether u fix the price or I can ?

A>    you can fix the prices

Q> How can I send my collections

A>    you need to upload the collections on our website - so that you can share this link to your friends & customers. And also on social media sites like facebook, twitter

Q> Who will be the customers ?

A>    Any Indian women who is 16 to 60 who prefers to use ethnic wear are your customers

Q> Who will promote it ?

A>    promotions has to be done by you, but surely we will help you find the right areas where you need to promote.


Q> Should I purchase these original products from you ?

A>     the product need not be purchased from ethnicsmart.com site alone. you can sell items purchased from other vendors also.

Q> Can I sell my own products?

A>     you can list your own unique product, mix & match items, boutique items or any specialty ethnic wear.

Q> How long will the listings be active ?

A>     listings will be valid till you make it "out of stock"


Q> Should the products be with me or can I do drop ship from my vendor?

A>    We recommend that the product has to be in-stock with you. If you are using the drop-ship model, its not a viable model – because your brand or uniqueness is not getting built. You are just helping your vendor sell of some items and in-return you are getting some commissions.

 You should work to build your brand, so that people know you, your store and your difference.


Q> What about shipping system ?

A> you should have your own logistics partners near your business area. Or you can use our fedex account to ship your products.  We will provide you a login/password to use our fedex services. 


Q> How to price the product on Ethnigo.com ?

A>    We will be providing free shipping for all the customers in India. So the product price has to be inclusive of the shipping charges.

Eg: If the price of the product is 1000 and shipping charges are 100, then the price of the product will be 1000+100 = 1100.

If the customer is paying through credit/debit card or netbanking – then PAYUMONEY will take 2% transaction charge for their service.

So the final price will be 1100+1100*2/100 = 1122.

We are not charging you any transaction charges or commissions. So when the product gets sold you will be paid Rs1100 to your account.

Rs22 will be paid to PayuMoney by us.


Q> What is the meaning of base image?

A> To get the image displayed on the website, you need to make any one image as base image. If you are not setting the base image – then the product will display with the default placeholder image (ethnigo logo on white background)
If you have multiple images for 1 product, then choose the best possible image as the base image. Once the customer visits the product page – she can scroll and see the multiple images.

Q> How do I change the base change, or do I just have to delete it?

A> If you wish to delete a particular image, just go the product edit page and delete image from the “image” nav. You can change the base image any number of times.


Q> What is backorder?

A> If your product is physically sold out, you can still continue to get orders for the same through the backorder facility. You can then inform the customer that the product will be arranged or made to order in 3 to 5 days.
You have to set the qty you can accept orders for in the backorder section in “inventory” tab

Q> What is enable quantity increment?

A> If you wish to sell your product in multiples you can choose the quantity increment option. Eg: the minimum order quantity of a product is 2, then set quantity increment = 2. So that customer is required to buy 2 items of the same product in a single order


Q> Under "prices", what is the "cost"?

A> Cost is the actual amount incurred to you for the product. Price is the amount at which you are selling. Price – Cost = your profit. By having the cost indicated, you have more freedom to provide a discount if requested by the customer.
To provide a discount, enter the price in “Offer Price” section. Offer price should be greater than or equal to cost but less than Price.


Q> Can ethnicsmart suggest retail price, for me?

A> No, prices are set by you. It has to be set in such a way that customer gets the best deal in India. This will help the customer make a purchase decision.


Q> What would be avg weight of a cotton salwar material, eg balaji cotton kumkum

A> Weight is decided by you, based on the weight the courier companies will charge their rates. Its better to have the accurate weight indicated so that there are no surprises during item shipment.


Q> Can,I tick "shop by" under "main categories"

A> Yes, you need to click all applicable categories in the “Ethnigo” category section so that your product is easily found by the end customer


Q> What is "related"?

A> Related products are items that customer would be interested in, if they are viewing your product. Its better to showcase your other products in the related section so that customer ends up buying any 1 of your product.


Q> Under "inventory" what is the meaning of "notify for quantity below"?

A> If you have only “X” amount of items left, you can show this message to the customer to help make a purchase decision quickly. The message will be like “Less than 1 item remaining”


Q> What is featured products?

A> By default all the products will have the same priority. In case you wish to boost some products to the top of the search results, you can use this option. This option is not available for free listing package. 

Q> Can i get an user mannual to upload products?

A> Yes, you can click here and download the user manual