Our branded retail store goes live this International Women’s Day. We expect your support & feedback to make it a real success !

Our idea is to keep the website running on 3 simple rules

  1. Easy navigation
  2. Great deals
  3. Fashion First

We shall try to explain these concept in the fewest words possible.

  1. Easy navigation – Keep it simple, only the main navigation will be present. i.e
    1. New Launches
    2. Sarees
    3. Salwar Kameez
    4. Lehangas & Gowns
    5. Kurtis & Tops
    6. Non Brands
    7. #Trending Items

No more complex website navigations. All you need to do is click on any of these broad categories and scroll to find your favourite product. We believe half of the time is spent by customer in finding the right category to browse – thats why we have kept it as down to earth simple.

  1. Great Deals - Usually retail store gives deals on the old items for stock clearance. But we are giving on the newest launched item. For eg. If the item is launching today (say 8th March) then the discounts/price slash will be for 8th, 9th & 10th. Ie the first 72 hours of launch.

There is a reason we are doing this, we want the customer to order the newest, latest and the most fresh item.  The product will feel good, smell good and look good. Other retailers may sell you items as old as 1 or 2 years under the great deal banner – and you may never know.

  1. Fashion First – Any uploaded item will be automatically out-of-stocked on website on the 21stday. The sweet time to order a product is between the 1st and 21st day. This rule is set so that the website will only contain the newest items.

If you are following the Indian fashion Industry or the latest bollywood designs. Then let this be the starting point. When we forcefully hide products that are older than 21 days – it practically means the website will contain only new products.

It may take 4 to 6 months for our supporters & promoters to understand this concept. But we believe in our hearts that its going to make a difference !

This site is exclusively designed keeping the end customer in mind. The products are priced for personal consumption only.

Ethnigo.com is brought to you by Bsync Fashion LLP, 332, 333 Golden Plaza Market, Surat. The company with 8+ year domain expertise, connection with 270+ manufacturers, customers in 3923+ pincodes in India, shipping to 8 major international destinations.

Ethnigo.com is proudly sponsored by the customers of EthnicSmart.com (b2b wholesale provider)