Wish you a happy and prosperous new year 2017.

This month we are launching an additional service that will help you boost your sales. The option for you to buy a triplet from us & get the single pieces shipped directly to your customers.

This service will be a major blessing to online sellers & small boutiques. This will improve your business in the following ways

  1. Faster Delivery time - Since items are shipped directly from our office – Items will reach your customer faster. Earlier you had to get the item shipped to your doorstep & then you had to initiate another shipment to your customer.
  2. Virtual Stock – Since you are not holding physical stock, you can save on inventory costs & spend extra bucks on sales marketing.
  3. Shipment Management – If 3 items in a triplet are shipped to 3 different customers of yours, and you have 10 orders a day, items can get a little messy. That’s why we have an automated tool that can track 30 shipments at a time.

Now sitting at home, you can get more sales across the country & rest assure that EthnicSmart.com team will take of the fulfillment.

This service will be started with the triplet and based on the response – we will extend the same to bundles too.

Get in touch with your regional whatsapp executives or call us at +91-4844073917 or +91-4844066801 for more details. (10am to 7pm weekdays)