3 major reasons why you should partner with us!

  1. Daily new arrival links
  2. Book now pay later option
  3. Launch day discounts

Daily new arrival links - There are close to 60 to 70 catalogs launching in Surat, Ahmedabad, markets every day. We group all these new items together and send out the “link” as app notification, whatsapp everyday.

how you benefit ? - You can clearly identify what catalogs launched on what date. We keep the listing date beneath each catalog for 3 months. So before you promote the catalogs – check the date & ensure it’s a new one.

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Book now pay later option - You can reserve the catalog today and pay after 5 days. Meanwhile you can promote this catalogs with your customers and try getting more orders. In case you get confirmed orders – proceed with payment. Otherwise just ignore – booking will auto cancel in 5 days.

how you benefit ? - You don’t have to buy the catalog and keep it with you all the time. Esp when you are doing this as par-time, online reseller or housewives. So just keep the items booked & we will reserve it at the manufacturer’s warehouse. Take 3 to 4 days to gather orders & then inform us.

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Launch day discounts - Our best offers are usually on the launch day. This is to incentivize the resellers to promote the newest items first. The discounts range from 3 to 10% everyday. Most often resellers pick older items (2 to 3 months old) and these are prone to defects, damages due to storage.

how you benefit ? You will get the lowest price guarantee on the launch day. Moreover you will end up promoting the newest items to your customers. This will ensure you have a better order fulfillment ratio & earn a good-will among your customers.

 more info at: http://www.ethnicsmart.com/offers

Moreover we believe we have the best user-friendly customer care in the wholesale sector. You can reach out to us on call/whatsapp or live-chat for realtime updates and enquiries.