One question we get quite often is "Do you sell single pieces at wholesale rates?". While the answer is "No", there are some interesting observations.

The entire ethnic clothing ecosystem had 3 major stakeholders
1. The manufacturer
2. The retailer
3. The customer

The products flow from the manufacturer to the retailer and from the retailer to the customer. This has been the accepted system for the last 150 years in India.

Due to the use of technology, there are now 2 new entrants to this eco-system.
1. The intermediary who connects manufacturer to the retailers (b2b ecommerce)
2. The intermediary who connects retailers to the customers (b2c ecommerce)

In this new system of 5 stakeholders - it creates a stable business model that can survive even on rising challenges in technology.

But, this system will collapse if the b2b ecommerce player starts playing the role of the retailer. Even though that might bring additional revenue to this b2b player - it will kill the existence of retailers as a separate entity.

You as a retailer should discourage the purchase of single pieces from b2b provider. Because it will eliminate you in the long run. Imagine if the end customer gets to know there is a b2b provider who can give them single pieces at wholesale rates - why would they want to buy from you?

Even though the sales margins are poor, you will fit well in the role of the retailer. You should protect your position in the ecosystem if this is your mainstay source of income.

The only people who sell single pieces should be you. The customer will come to you for sure !

We believe in the eco-system and play by the rules so that your position is protected even in the long run. You should discourage the purchase of single pieces and re-sell to your customers. Because sooner or later "the end customer"  will bye-pass you and try to get the single pieces from the same source as yours.