Sales and Marketing Plan

You can invite your friends to buy from BSYNC Fashion. When your friends accept your invitation and join us, you will get a credit of 25 points and they will be classified as Ambassadors. These ambassadors will be listed as your direct down-lines and every time they purchase a product, you will get a credit of 20% of their purchase value.

Once you have earned your points, you can exchange them as cash. The payment will be sent through Paypal or bit-coins to your registered email id.

That's not all, when your ambassadors sponsors their friends and relatives to purchase from our store, you get 7.5% of what your ambassador earns.

The above percentages apply to products sold on MRP. In case the products are discounted or are applicable in discount category then the maximum points you can get is 10%. However the network commission of 7.5% will still hold true.

For bundle buy (full catalogs) the points you earn will be 5% for MRP listings and 2% for discount listings, however the network commission of 7.5% will remain unchanged


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