Now that we have moved to a new software version (upgraded shopping website), there are few things that you need to know


  1. Access to old orders & data – Old data will be preserved for a period of 1 year and will be available at
    1. To check old orders click
    2. You can also download old invoices, GST bills etc
    3. You can use the existing userid and password combination to access this old site


  1. New website is accessible at
    1. It promises a brand new mobile app like view
    2. Faster browsing & Easy image views
    3. Better & improved checkout process


  1. To access new website you can use the existing email id, but you need to set a new password.
    1. You can login or reset password by clicking
    2. You can also use gmail or facebook or twitter account for easy login
    3. If you are unable to do the same, just contact us for a password reset and we will email you the new userid/password combination


  1. To download images, all you need to do is press on the image & you will see the download image option coming up (see images below)


  1. To access new launches – bookmark and save this link


  1. New launch alerts will be sent via
    1. web-notifications (
    2. Twitter handle (
    3. Telegram channel (
    4. Whatsapp twice a week i.e Wednesdays and Saturdays For eg see the 237 bundles launched this week at


  1. Any queries or doubts you have please contact us via live-chat or via email [email protected]


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How to download images - step 1

download set1


How to download images - step 2



How to use live chat

live chat option